Solid or Perforated Radiant Barrier: Which Product is Right for Your Project?

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The most important factor when choosing a radiant barrier product is where you are going to use it.

If you’re looking to reduce heating & cooling costs by installing radiant barrier in your attic, perforated
radiant barrier is the product you need. Perforated radiant barrier works by reflecting radiant heat back to its source, which in this case would be back towards the sun in the summer, and back down into your home in the winter. This product is unique because of its tiny grid of holes, or perforations, which enable your attic to “breathe”. This is very important, as it allows moisture vapor to travel up and out of your attic, preventing condensation problems.

Always choose perforated radiant barrier for attics

Solid radiant barrier, which does not have the tiny holes, is used for insulating crawl spaces, walls, floors & ceilings – even cathedral ceilings!

Solid radiant barrier works double duty by reflecting radiant heat back towards its source, AND by
blocking moisture vapor. It holds a Class I rating as a vapor retarder, or “vapor barrier”. Because of its
ability to trap moisture, this product should NOT be used in the attic. Solid radiant
barrier can be used anywhere a vapor barrier is needed, and it also works great alongside fiberglass


Solid radiant barrier also lines all of our bubble insulation products.  Considered the Cadillac of solid radiant barrier, reflective bubble insulation is a popular choice for those looking to get the most bang for their buck (in addition to a boost in R value).  Ecofoil offers a variety of bubble insulation products, available in single, double bubble and under-concrete with a foil or white finish.


And finally, Ecofoil’s Ultra NT, or “no tear” Radiant Barrier is a popular choice for SCIFs – or sensitive compartment information facilities. Because of this solid radiant barrier’s ability to block radio frequencies it has been approved for secured government use. Homeowners, businesses, and laboratories can also take advantage of SCIF radiant barrier to block signals from nearby cellphone towers, radio stations, or other radio transmissions. It’s the toughest and thickest radiant barrier you can buy.

Use solid radiant barrier for everywhere except the attic

Choosing the right product for your job is so easy, yet so important.  If you need further assistance in making your selection, please call one of our product specialists at (888) 349-3645 or visit

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