In Action: HOTBOX INSERTS Insulated Tool Box Inserts

Published on: Oct 18 2012 by


Contractors & builders end up transporting their tools and materials from job site to job site, we’ve all seen the pickup trucks with the storage boxes in the back, but do you ever think about the time it takes for the owner of that truck to load and unload their temperature sensitive materials and tools each night if they don’t have a heated garage for their truck?

The ingenious folks at HOTBOX thought it all through – and they used EcoFoil as a component of their insulated truck tool box inserts. They developed a HOTBOX system that includes a heating element, thermostat and sensor to heat small storage spaces and then used EcoFoil bubble insulation inserts to keep the heat efficiently inside that space.

Check out their site for a video that shows how the HOTBOX insert fits into a truck box:

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